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Colossians 1:15-23 He Is

From before time began until eternity, Jesus is Lord!

Paul goes to great length to share Jesus’ deity and authority. He starts before the beginning of time and goes all the way through his present day. He has not changed since then to our present day and he never will. He is Lord of ALL.

“If you have seen Me you have seen the Father” (John 14:9). Jesus said these very words to His disciples. Paul explains Jesus as “the image of the invisible God” (verse 15a). He is the form we see in the exact personification of our God whom we can’t see, yet. Read more »

John 5:30-47 Right In Front Of You

The Best Witness of All!

Jesus is continuing to address the Jews who confronted the man for carrying his bed on the Sabbath. He was doing EXACTLY as Jesus had instructed him to do. And nothing he was doing was against the Law God gave. It was only against their nit picking restrictions added on top of the Law. But that is not what Jesus is addressing with them right now. Instead He is addressing the fact that they are angry that He revealed Himself as the Son of God.

“How. Dare. He!” Jesus had placed Himself on par with God. If anyone else had done that they would have been guilty of blasphemy. They would deserve the righteous indignation of the Jews. They would also deserve the wrath of God. But when Jesus makes this claim, He is PERFECTLY within His rights. He is speaking only the truth. Jesus is going to tell them straight up why they can believe His claim. Read more »

John 5:17-29 Like Father, Like Son

From father to son

We join Jesus today as He confronts “the Jews” who questioned the man He just healed. The man didn’t initially know who had healed him and when first questioned stated so. But Jesus later meets up with him and he is given a name to take to “the Jews.”

I asked the question yesterday as to whether this man disclosing Jesus’ identity was a sin. When we look at Jesus’ interaction with those He was disclosed to, I’m certain it wasn’t. We know God’s plan regarding “the Jews” being the ones to reject and kill Jesus. He needed to provide them with the “ammunition” for their “witch hunt.”

Jesus wasn’t hiding when the man was first approached by “the Jews.” He was merely going about His business. Maybe He was offering healing to others also in need. He hung around the area, knowing that He would eventually be pointed out. He was ready for this confrontation. You could say He was spoiling for a good fight.

He starts out with equating Himself to God. He goes so far as to call Him His Father. Not Adonai but Abba. A personal relationship that is as close as can be. One a part of the other. Read more »

Matthew 10:1-4 Jesus Equips His Twelve Disciples

Jesus anointing His disciples

Jesus’ Anointing Passed On

Jesus has completed His first phase of on the job training with His disciples. He is getting ready to send them out to work “in the field.” They needed one more thing before they were ready to go though. They needed the ability or authority to do the work He has for them. I wonder what exactly happened during this presentation of the “tool belts.”

Matthew goes into great detail about their instructions for their work, which we will look at starting tomorrow. But he doesn’t go into detail about how Jesus actually imparted His authority to His disciples. Jesus “gave them authority over uncleans spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction” (verse 1). I wonder if His impartation of His authority was through the laying on of hands.

Laying on of hands has been used to convey the transfer of authority, blessings, spiritual gifts, and healing throughout the old and new testaments. The first mention of laying on of hands is done to confer blessing is in Gen. 48:12-20 when Israel blessed Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Read more »