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Luke 20:1-8 Why Did YOU Not Believe?

If He can use stones He can certainly use me too!

We are in the temple in Jerusalem with Jesus and His disciples. Jesus has been teaching, healing people and doing God’s work. He is going to be confronted by the religious leaders over that same fact. Earlier we looked at Matthew and Mark’s account of the incident.

When we examined this event in Matthew, I placed Him in a firsthand event and titled that entry “A Question of Authority.” In Mark’s telling I focused on the fear factor behind the trap the religious leaders were laying out for Jesus. That blog title was “Fear Forbade an Answer.” Their fear, not His, made this an unforgettable encounter. I want to look today at religious leaders’ struggle for an answer. Read more »

Mark 11:27-33 Fear Forbade an Answer

Who caught who?

Who caught who?

Jesus and His disciples are in the temple again. Jesus went there every morning after coming in from Bethany. Today was no exception. This is the third day of His visit, as far as I can tell. This is right after seeing the withered tree on the way into town.

I just noticed that Matthew’s account has the chief priests and scribes approach Jesus early on in the day. Matthew 21:23 says, “And when He entered the temple.” Mark tells us Jesus “was walking in the temple” (verse27). I don’t know if this is right after Jesus got to the temple or if He was walking around ministering to those who couldn’t get to Him. This also begs the question, what “things” the chief priests and scribes were referring to. Were they asking about yesterday’s cleansing of the temple? Were they talking about the people Jesus was healing, currently or previously? Were they talking about Jesus’ teaching, currently or previously? What were they trying to build their case on? Read more »

Matthew 21:23-27 A Question of Authority

You answer Me first

You answer Me first

Jesus is in Jerusalem teaching in the temple. This is His last week, this side of the grave. He still has a lot to say before He lays His life down. I wish Matthew would have told us what He was teaching about. I would love to drink in every minute of His last week. Was there more urgency in His messages now than before? A lot of people had fallen away because of some of His teachings, but right now in the center of Passover preparations, He had a huge audience. As before, I’m sure some came out of curiosity, others for what they could get from Jesus, and some really wanted to learn from Him.

Jesus has been in the temple for hours. He and His disciples came straight here after arriving in Jerusalem this morning. Jesus has been healing any who came to Him or whom crossed His path. While Jesus is healing the people, a crowd begins to gather. By the time the last person is healed the crowd has grown considerably. Everyone is anxious to see what Jesus will do next. Now that He has their undivided attention, He begins teaching the people. Read more »