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Matthew 8:5-13 The Centurion’s Servant Healed

Roman Centurion

The Roman Centurion’s Faith

Jesus entered into Capernaum. I wonder how long after the mountain top teaching this was. Was this still early in Jesus’ ministry? Did He enter in with a crowd or just Him and His disciples? Was He famous enough by now that even the Roman army knew of Him and were keeping watch on Him? Did the centurion come to Him right away or after He had been in town for a bit? Was Jesus teaching and doing miracles before the centurion approached Him?

The centurion came to Him asking for His help. Luke records that the centurion sent his request through another one of his servants. Regardless of who delivered the message, the request came from the centurion. Something must have convinced the centurion that Jesus could, or would, help him. Maybe the centurion had heard of Jesus’ compassion for the sick and he was appealing to Him on those grounds. Maybe his servant was Jewish and he thought that would motivate Jesus to heal him. The bottom line was he was desperate! He loved this servant and his servant’s suffering had touched him so deeply that he would do whatever it took to take away his servant’s pain. Just like God and Jesus loved us and were moved by our suffering. Read more »