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Luke 24:50-53 Jesus Goes Home

I love you! See you later. Father, I’m coming Home!

We have come to the end of Luke’s gospel account. He ends his letter by telling Theophilus of Jesus’ parting moments on earth. Jesus is headed home to His Father. But before He leaves He blesses them one last time.

It has been 40 days since Jesus rose from the dead. Luke does not tell us that here in his narration but in Acts 1, which he also wrote to Theophilus through the Holy Spirit. This will be His final visit with His disciples here on earth.

In between Jesus arriving in the locked room, in our last story, to Him being taken up into Heaven, in today’s story, He has visited His disciples several times in various places. Once was on the beach after they finished fishing and once was on a mountain in Galilee. Each time He gave them a little more understanding of His teaching. Each time He showed them that He loved them and prepared them for their next mission. Read more »