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Mark 14:43-52 Seize Him!

Satin thinks he "caught" Jesus too

Satin thinks he “caught” Jesus too

Jesus, John, James and Peter are together in the garden of Gethsemane. Peter, James and John just recently woke up. Judas and his band of soldiers are approaching our little group. The time has come for Jesus to begin His final process; His trials, crucifixion and resurrection.

As this section is very important, we already looked at Matthew’s account of it. That discussion is titled “The Kiss of Death.” In that post we put ourselves into the action. Please feel free to pop over and check it out.

Jesus has just emerged from His prayer time with the Father. During His last time praying, God ministered strength to Him. He is fully ready to face down everything Satan has to throw at Him. Satan is going to try and hit fast and hard. Read more »

Matthew 26:47-56 The Kiss of Death

Betrayed with a kiss

Betrayed with a kiss

Jesus has just woken Peter, James and John for the last time following His prayer time with God. They are in Jesus’ favorite garden spot. One well known to all of His disciples. The one place Judas knew He would visit after the meal. As Jesus is still speaking to His three closest disciples, Judas and his group arrive. This is where we join our story today.

Peter is startled awake at Jesus’ voice. Peter didn’t intend to fall asleep, again. He just couldn’t keep his eyes open. He looks over at James and John to see them emerging from sleep too. At least he wasn’t alone in his disgraceful behavior. Jesus had asked them twice to watch and pray while He spent time in prayer alone. Peter was ashamed to be found sleeping by Jesus, again. Read more »