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John 20:11-18 A Special Message

Her tears touched His heart

We get to be with Mary Magdalene today as she has a message specially for her delivered in the most amazing way! We left her following Peter and John as they raced to Jesus’ tomb, inspected it, and left. Now she stands outside His tomb torn up with worry.

John gives us the fullest recounting of Mary’s story but Mark also shares some of the details with us. You can revisit the blog titled Mary’s Personal Testimony if you would like. For today, let’s dive into our story and see where He takes us. Read more »

Mark 16:9-20 Mary’s Personal Testimony

"Mary." "Teacher!"

“Mary.” “Teacher!”

We get to take a peek at Mary Magdalene’s personal visit with Jesus today. Yesterday we saw her going to the tomb with the other women to anoint Jesus’ body. She comes back with Peter and John, after she tells them the news.

Yesterday in our reading the women left the tomb but didn’t tell anyone straight away. They ran away in fear. Their encounter with the angel didn’t fill them with joy. It left them with questions instead. These women had been traveling with Jesus for some time and had no doubt been there when Jesus raised people from the dead; Lazarus being the most obvious one. But Jesus wasn’t there in their minds. He couldn’t raise anyone because He was dead Himself. So how could He rise? The question, “What did the angel REALLY mean?” is running through their minds. Read more »