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John 20:19-23 I’m Back!

More than one jaw hit the floor that evening!

Jesus is back! He is risen! He is ALIVE!! We have come to the point in our story where the disciples see Jesus again as a nearly whole group. Only one surviving member is missing, Thomas. I wonder what it sounded like when Jesus appeared in the room.

We know from Luke’s gospel that Jesus appeared in the room while the two who had met Him on the road to Emmaus were still telling their story. We also know that the others were having a hard time believing them. We started looking at the scene when we studied Luke’s account. I want to take it a little farther today. Read more »

Luke 24:36-43 Surprise Visit

What’s for dinner?

We left off yesterday where Cleopas and his companion were telling the other disciples about their walk with Jesus. They were also hearing about Jesus’ visit with Peter. I can hear the women on the side saying, “We told you so!” Right in the middle of this discussion Jesus Himself appears! Let’s pop in beside Him and observe the reaction.

Cleopas and Micah (the name I chose for the second disciple on the road to Emmaus) are surrounded by the rest of Jesus followers. When they had first arrived they joined the group surrounding Peter. He was telling the group of his encounter with Jesus. Peter knew it was Jesus he had met but he was still wondering if it was a dream or a vision. Whatever it was, Jesus had told Peter that He forgave him. Peter still hasn’t forgiven himself so he wonders if maybe his mind was playing a trick on him instead. After all he promised Jesus, how could He so easily forgive him? Read more »