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John 19:28-30 The Most Important Moment Ever

NOTHING is left undone!

We rejoin Jesus in His final moments. John bears witness at the foot of the cross with the three Mary’s. I wonder which moments they would recount in their telling of this story. John, through the Holy Spirit chooses four details to focus on.

The first detail John brings our attention to is Jesus’ knowledge of God’s plan. “After this, Jesus, knowing that all was now finished…” (verse 28a). Matthew and Mark share with us the words Jesus uttered at that point of knowing. “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?” (Matt. 27:46 & Mark 15:34). This was the moment God turned away because He couldn’t look on the sin that Jesus was carrying. Sin demanded separation from God and the moment Jesus took on all our sin He could no longer be with the Father. I believe THIS moment was the one moment that wounded Jesus more than anything else in the whole process. For the first time EVER Jesus was not under the Father’s loving eye. Read more »

Luke 23:44-49 Buyer’s Remorse

What have I done!?

We join Jesus in His final hours. Heaven bears witness to this event as well. The scene is also full of spectators. Many people have gathered to witness Jesus’ death, including the religious leaders.

We looked at this scene in Matthew and Mark. Luke brings us a perspective on the spectators that we didn’t see in the other two accounts. Matthew shared the centurion’s realization that Jesus was indeed innocent, but Luke shares the people’s reaction. “And all the crowds that had assembled for this spectacle, when they saw what had taken place, returned home beating their breasts” (verse 48). Read more »

Mark 15:33-41 It Is Finished

Now that's a message I can get behind!

Now that’s a message I can get behind!

In our reading today Jesus mercifully and finally meets His death. Mercifully, because crucifixion often takes much longer. And finally, because it is the crowning moment of His work.

We looked at Jesus’ process and words during His final ordeal when we were going through Matthew’s gospel. We actually combined accounts from all four gospels to get a fuller picture, which we immersed ourselves in during the blog titled Death Comes Finally. I invite you to relive those moments again.

I know this is going to sound flippant, but I want to talk about the centurion who had an “ah ha” moment after Jesus died. His comment, “Truly this man was the Son of God!” strikes me strangely. This man was a practiced executioner. He had probably witnessed Read more »

Matthew 27:45-56 Death Comes Finally

God's greatest gift. Opening in three days

God’s greatest gift. Opening in three days

We return in our reading today to the cross where Jesus has been unjustly condemned to die. I have been trying to stay with Matthew’s account as we are reading through Matthew, but there are elements that I truly believe need to be told in this story that Matthew didn’t mention. It is not that Matthew disagrees with other writers through his omissions, but that he had a different focus and audience in mind when he was penning his narrative. The Holy Spirit was directing Matthew’s words and crafting them to reach a specific segment of the people. The Holy Spirit did the same with Mark, Luke and John. Giving them the words to reach their intended audiences. Since we have the complete works of all four, I want to include events, especially Jesus’ words while on the cross, from the other authors. I hope this meets with your approval. If not, I’m sorry and you don’t have to read on. But I’m the author today and I feel led to include Jesus’ words. Read more »