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1 Corinthians 15:12-34 A Sadducees Infection?

He is waiting for me there.

Paul started his summation in our last reading. He addressed two foundational truths that the gospel rests on; Christ died for our sins, and He was raised again. Today’s reading focuses on this second crucial truth.

Jesus debated with the religious leaders many times over about the resurrection of the dead. He always stated it as a fact, not a theory. The Sadducees were dead set against this portion of His teaching. Maybe some of their “leaven” infected this group in Corinth. Where were the Sadducees putting their hope?

Without resurrection from the dead everything else is in vain. As a Christian we live our lives under constant watch, knowing that our choices in this life impact our future in the next. But if there is no next life they what are we saving ourselves for? That is Paul’s question to those who were claiming that there is no resurrection. Read more »

Luke 20:27-40 Trying to Poke Holes

The only holes in the cross were where He willingly laid His hands and feet.

Jesus is confronted by a group of Sadducees in our story today. They have a well-crafted question that they think will poke holes in Jesus’ teachings. We looked at this encounter twice before. In Matthew I raised questions about the woman that have always plagued me before moving onto the deeper realization that the Sadducees missed; God is all powerful and He is and does exactly as He says He will. This blog was titled “Whose Wife is She.” The blog titled “On the Other Side” came from Mark’s telling of this story. During this visit to scriptures we looked at the evidence of the resurrection, which was a central issue in this question. Today I want to look at, why this question. That’s where I feel drawn today. Read more »