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Romans 2:12-29 A Heart Condition

Good seeks the inward Jew

We have been following along with Paul as he lays his foundation concerning sin and salvation. He started by sharing the root of sin and that God equates all sin as deserving of death. We also were cautioned that God will judge each of us in the end; good or bad we all will account for our actions. Today Paul deals with the fact that the law is not what created a righteous or unrighteous person. It is a heart condition.

God gave His written law only to the Jews but all of mankind recognizes that there are good and bad actions. Cain didn’t need the written law to know that killing his brother Able was bad; sin or an action against God. If he wasn’t ashamed of his behavior he wouldn’t have tried to hide it from God. If Pharaoh didn’t think it was wrong to have another man’s wife he wouldn’t have been upset with Abram for not telling him that Sari was already married to him. Read more »