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Luke 18:18-30 Trade In Trade Up

God's "retirement plan" beats man's hands down!

God’s “retirement plan” beats man’s hands down!

We have come to another familiar scene with Jesus. We looked at this story in Matthew and Mark. Because we have looked at this story before, I’m going to point you back to those posts instead of repeating the same point today. I want to look at the end of the story today. Instead of looking at the man who came to Jesus, we will be looking at Jesus’ answer to Peter’s comment.


After Jesus answers the question of how to gain eternal life asked by the rich ruler, the man is heartbroken. His comparison between the rich man entering Heaven and the camel and the eye of the needle got everyone’s attention. Those listening in commented, “Then who can be saved?” (verse 26). If you can’t buy your way in, and the man who said he had kept the commandments from his youth couldn’t get in, WHO COULD! It’s impossible! For man, yes. For God, NO. Read more »