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Acts 2:1-13 Fire From Heaven

 Fire is on the inside now.

It’s TIME! Well, not for Jesus to sit on the throne of Israel but for the Holy Spirit to come and dwell with man. For His presence to fill our lives!

All 120 of those who were gathered and had been praying in the upper room received this gift. It wasn’t reserved for just Jesus’ original twelve disciples. The lowliest to the greatest were FILLED with the Holy Spirit. They didn’t get a measure of His presence based on their ranking within the group or their predicted potential to spreading the gospel. They ALL received the full measure of God’s Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit used each of them too. HE gave them the words to say. He granted them the ability to speak fluently in languages they had not learned. But they had to open their mouths and let His words free. I imagine this was like fire in their bones. They HAD to speak. They couldn’t hold it in. Have you ever been in this state? I have felt His power burning for freedom in the words of the Holy Spirit but I have no idea what those words translated to. Only He knows! But they moved the hand of God! Read more »