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Deuteronomy 32:48-52 Last Directive

Moses’ attitude was at the root of his trouble. But the growth of the people is why God said “No” to Moses’ request.

Moses’ job is almost done. God gives Moses one final directive. Go up the mountain, look at the land and lay down to die.

Moses knew this day was coming. He knew he had sinned in the issue with the rock and water. God told him He was displeased with him right after the incident. Moses tried to get God to change His mind but He held firm. Read more »

Deuteronomy 31:30-32:47 Moses’ Song

He gives us HOPE! Even in our darkest hours because of our deepest sin. He STILL loves us!

Moses gives the people a “song” to hold onto. A song of their future and their promise. A promise that their God will forever be watching, even during times of punishment.

The song God gives to Moses is one that the people will not forget. It is one that they will hold onto and look to in times of trouble. This song promises redemption again and punishment for those who have taken advantage of Israel’s misfortune. Read more »

Deuteronomy 31:14-29 Even Though

Moses and Joshua stand together before the Lord one last time.

Moses and Joshua go to present themselves before the Lord. They have already stood before the people to pass the mantle but now they stand before God.

God appeared in person before Joshua and Moses in the Tent of Meeting. I believe this will be the last time the two men stand together before God. It is time for Moses to die.

God wants Joshua to know for a fact that Israel is going to turn their backs on Him in the future. He already KNOWS this and He is STILL going ahead with sending them into the Promised Land. This isn’t the only time that God KNOWS what is coming and STILL goes ahead. He loves us THAT MUCH! Read more »

Deuteronomy 31:9-13 Revisiting

The world recognizes God’s plan of revisiting and re-commitment too. In a perfect world the results would be a perfect circle without deviation.

Moses has written down everything that God gave him. He has revisited it all with every man, woman, and child present. And he sets the requirements for future revisiting of the Law.

The people are all gathered together while Moses goes over every aspect of the Law. I believe this was only the second time that Moses sat the people down and went over it all. The first time was when God gave it to them initially.

This second time God is asking for a re-commitment from the people. We read where they were given the choice between life and death. Their choice will determine their direction. We know from history what choice they made. We also know that they didn’t keep true to that choice forever. Read more »

Deuteronomy 31:1-8 Too Old

Moses passes the mantel of leadership to Joshua. But God is STILL the one who is doing the true leading.

Moses is handing off the mantel of leadership. At 120 years old it is time for him to step down. Joshua will be the one to lead the people into the Promised Land.

Being 120 years old isn’t the main reason Moses is stepping down. God told him he couldn’t go into the Promised Land. If God would have allowed it, Moses’ 120 year old body would have complied. But then when would have been the time to let the mantle of leadership pass onto another? Read more »