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Deuteronomy 28:1-14 Group Blessings

God’s original design for leadership.

Moses shared individual curses the last time we were together. Today he shares the blessings waiting for Israel IF/WHEN they remain true to the Lord and follow His Laws.

This isn’t the “Servant Leadership” style Jesus would later bring but it is what God put into place for His people through His Law. So this is where we will focus today.

Israel would be the bearers of God’s name to the world. He gave them His expectations and rules to live by. He was making a promise to the people as a whole. But each individual had a part in making up that whole. The leaders would hold more sway over the direction of Israel than the individual did but this didn’t let the common man off the hook for his own behavior. He required adherence to His standards of the individual and the nation. As a whole they would either be blessed or cursed. Read more »

Deuteronomy 27:1-8 Uncut Altar

The altar on Mt. Ebal possibly looked like this.

Moses instructs the people regarding building their first altar in the Promised Land. This will be a place where they write ALL of God’s Law and again pledge to follow it.

Moses has been going over God’s commandments and His whole Law with them. He is preparing them for their entry into God’s promise. He is making certain they have ALL heard God’s words; every part of them. No one will be able to say “But I didn’t know.” Read more »

Deuteronomy 25:5-10 In His Name

God’s law protected the broken branch and the pieces left behind.

Moses shares a law that was in practice since at least the beginning of Israel’s history. This law concerns keeping the family name alive even after death.

You probably remember the story of Judah and Tamar. Tamar was the daughter in law of Judah and had married his oldest son, Er. He died before having any children. She was then given to Onan as his wife with the provision that her first son would carry on Er’s line. Onan took great pains to NOT get Tamar pregnant and God dealt with him for his behavior. Tamar was supposed to marry Read more »

Deuteronomy 14:1-21 Diets & Death

God had His reasons for His rules.

Moses begins going over the personal activities that God expects of the people. He touches on death rituals and dietary restrictions.

I find it interesting that these two topics are put in the same category in this chapter. The subtitle on this section doesn’t even hint at the first issue covered; death rituals. I was curious and went looking at death rituals to find out who did what but all I found dealt with the care of the dead body and their belief on the afterlife. I did read that Egyptians would shave their eyebrows as part of death practices. They also treated a pet’s burial the same as a person’s.

God didn’t want His children following the pagan rituals in any area of their lives. I’m wondering if His instructions regarding death practices has more to do with life after death. Was God essentially telling them not to engage in self-marring practices because the person was only “sleeping” until Jesus’ work was done? They were allowed to mourn and grieve but not do any temporary or permanent damage to their own bodies. God doesn’t address how to deal with the remains of the person here, only the behavior of those in mourning. Read more »

Numbers 14:39-45 Too Late

Israel’s response in a nutshell. Please don’t let it be mine, or yours.

God just finished telling Moses that this group of people would NOT be inheriting the Promised Land. They would die by the wayside. But again, they didn’t listen.

Moses shared all the words that God told him privately. He explained how they would be stuck in the wilderness for another 40 years; one for each day of the spy mission. He told them that ALL the men entered into the roles were going to die before God led them in. He specified that their children would be the ones to inherit His promises, not them. He couldn’t have been any clearer if he had shown them an Eye Witness Account of the events as they took place.

God left no doubt in Moses’ mind about their future. There was no going back to the way things used to be. The damage had been done and it was irreparable. God had no faith in this faithless generation. He knew that if He gave them “one more chance” they would blow it, just as before. And here they are about to prove Him right. Read more »