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John 14:1-14 We’ll Be Together Again

One in three and three in one

Jesus is continuing to share His last words with His disciples. They don’t understand that He is saying goodbye to them. He is preparing them for their future. He’s not focusing on the immediate but eternal future.

Jesus just told His disciples that He was going somewhere they couldn’t go and that they wouldn’t be able to find Him. Now He is talking about bringing them to that place to share it with Him. I can understand some of the disciple’s confusion. We need to remember His words to Peter on this too. He told Peter that he couldn’t go NOW but that he would be with Him later. That is the same promise He is giving to the rest of His disciples. “In a little while.” Read more »

Luke 2:41-52 Teaching the Teachers

His insight astounded them.

His insight astounded them.

Today we read about a parent’s worst nightmare. Mary and Joseph’s Son went missing! I lost my oldest son once for several hours, and I’m here to tell you, that is NOT an experience I EVER want to repeat. It still chills me to the bone when I think back on that experience. I doubt Mary and Joseph ever forgot that experience with Jesus either.

Joseph is a righteous man. He faithfully follows the laws of God and takes his family every year for the Passover celebration in Jerusalem. I wonder if he brought his family to the celebrations when they were living in Egypt. Did he consider it too dangerous? It probably would have been if the people in Bethlehem had told about the young boy the magi had visited.

Back to today’s story. Mary and Joseph came to Jerusalem with a large group of family and acquaintances. It was always safest and easiest to travel in groups. Their group was so big that not everyone was within sight at all times. So when they all set out for their trip home, Read more »