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1 Peter 2:1-12 Changing Stone

More immutable than the Zax, and trying to go around Him has eternal consequences.

Peter is calling his reader to seek spiritual truth and become transformed people. A people who reflect Jesus’ design in their lives, right down to their core. A changed stone to match the Original

I like Peter’s reference to Jesus as the Chief Cornerstone as well as a Stumbling Stone. Jesus as Lord and Savior is the foundational cornerstone of our faith in Him. This encompasses ALL that He did, from creation, throughout His physical life on earth, to the end of time. Without that one uniting piece, everything else would crumble away. That is our firm foundation; our cornerstone of faith.

But to those who refuse to accept even a portion of His claim, He is a stumbling stone instead. Either Jesus is EXACTLY who He said He was or He is a COMPLETE fraud. You already know which camp I’m in and why. The evidence is OVERWHELMING in His defense. Read more »