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Romans 8:18-30 Anticipation

For those who love God all things work together for good

Paul shares with us today that this walk is not easy but we have help and hope. We are not blindly stumbling about on our own. God has a plan for each of us.

We are warned right away that there will be suffering. But that suffering or problems are NOTHING compared to the reward that awaits us in the end. Because sin entered the world even creation itself struggles daily. If you ever doubt that, think about how many animals have gone extinct and how our planet has become more and more polluted. It is due to sin being in this world and working through man’s hands.

This world and all that is in it longs for Jesus’ return. Unfortunately not every man joins in that eager anticipation. But those of us who do, have a promise of help while we wait. That help comes from the Holy Spirit. Read more »

John 14:15-31 Not Orphans

Burn away all pretense

Jesus continues His goodbyes to His disciples. They are still confused as to His meaning. But that doesn’t stop Him from giving them this enormous promise. The promise of a Comforter who will be with them always.

When I first started reading this the words, “I will not leave you as orphans” (verse 18a) jumped out at me. His disciples were about to feel the most alone they had felt, probably in their entire lives. We know that state won’t last and that they really weren’t alone because God the Father was protecting them during this time. But why did Jesus compare them to orphans? I will share with you what I got when I saw those words. Read more »