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Luke 9:7-9 A Guilty Conscience

Guilty Conscience: help or hurt?

Guilty Conscience: will it help or hurt?

Today we read about Herod and his thoughts about Jesus. This, again, is a familiar story, but Luke doesn’t include the history between Herod and John the Baptist. Luke simply uses a quote from Herod concerning how he beheaded.

While reading the above mentioned quote I noticed something. Herod took personal responsibility for beheading John; “John I beheaded” (verse 9a). He didn’t say, “John who I had beheaded.” I agree with Herod’s assuming personal responsibility. His ego got him into trouble which resulted in John’s death.

Luke shares with us the prevailing ideas of who Jesus could be, according to the people. Some were saying He was Elijah, some one of the prophets of old risen, and some were saying that John the Baptist had risen from the dead. Matthew tells us that this last idea was the one Herod subscribed to. I believe it was his guilt that led him to that conclusion. Read more »