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Luke 23:13-17 Ready to Punish an Innocent

Does this look like something an innocent man should receive?

Jesus has returned to Pilate from Herod. Neither one of them found Jesus guilty of any crime, and certainly not one worthy of death. Now Pilate is faced with what to do with an innocent Man.

Pilate is trying to appease the crowd and keep his integrity. Instead of simply releasing Jesus, Pilate calls “the chief priests and the rulers and the people” together. He is trying to convince them to drop the matter. He proclaims Jesus innocent of all charges and says he wants to release Him. But first, to satisfy the crowd’s thirst for violence, Pilate will have Jesus punished.

WHY? Punishment is supposed to be used as a corrective tool. It is to impress upon the recipient the fact that actions have consequences. Consequences that no one wants to bring upon themselves. Inflicting “punishment” on an innocent party is cruel and counterproductive. If negative reinforcement applies equally to committing or not committing an act, then there is no incentive to refrain from doing evil. So the “punishment” wasn’t for the “offender” but for the accusers. It was to appease those bring the charges. Make them feel like they got something for their trouble. Jewish law would dictate that the accuser receive the punishment they were seeking for the accused. That was the legal result for bearing false witness. Read more »