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Matthew 12:33-37 The Mouth Speaks What Fills the Heart

Out of the Heart, the Mouth speaks

Out of the Heart, the Mouth speaks

Jesus is still with the crowd where we left Him with yesterday. The Pharisees have moved to back just a bit in the crowd, but have not left. They are busy nursing their wounds and grumbling among themselves. Jesus addresses the crowd but looks in the direction of the Pharisee group while speaking. His message specifically includes them but not them exclusively.

Jesus has talked about a tree and its fruit before. The people recognize His reference to a good tree bearing good fruit and a bad tree bearing bad fruit. But today He goes even deeper with His illustration and meaning. He essentially gets to the “heart” of the matter.

Jesus first calls the Pharisees a brood of vipers. Their mouths are full of venom. They are poison. They are to be avoided by all but the most skilled snake handlers because of the inherent danger they pose. The skilled snake handler’s responsibility is to milk the snake of its poison so as to create anti-venom to treat those bitten by the snake. Jesus was an EXPERT snake handler. He was inoculating His disciples and those listening against the poison the Pharisees were spreading. With some, the effects of their “inoculation” would take some time to manifest. Read more »