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Luke 9:43-45 Secrets Revealed

Warning sign saying Are You Ready?

Disciples: Not even close!

Luke shares with us another warning from Jesus. Luke puts it at the end of the previous story about the father and son. Jesus had already shares this information with His disciples earlier, but now He tells them more pointedly.

Jesus is nearing the end of His time on earth. He wants to prepare His disciples for what is coming. He tells them to “let these words sink into your ears” (verse 44). They will hear Him but they won’t understand, yet. Jesus knew that the Father was keeping the full weight of the truth hidden from His disciples. He still told them anyway. This way when the time did come they would be able to look back and remember His warning. Read more »

Matthew 1:18-25 God prepares Jesus’ earthly father

Bedtime Prayers

Bedtime Prayers

God picked very carefully and wisely when He chose an earthly father for His only begotten Son. Joseph was an amazing man! I don’t know many who could live up to his standards of faith and love.

First thing I want to know was how Joseph found out about Mary’s pregnancy. Did she tell him herself? Did he overhear others talking? Did he notice her “baby bump” and get suspicious?

Second, how far along was she when he found out? We know from Luke’s account that she spent the first three months of her pregnancy with her cousin Elizabeth. Did Joseph learn she was pregnant during those three months? If he did, it might have been easier for him to think things through. He obviously loved her; otherwise he wouldn’t have wanted to keep the divorce quiet. Most men, then and now, would be furious and want to cause her as much pain as she caused them. Read more »