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Numbers 15:1-21 Extra Added

A new layer to the offerings was to be added once reaching the Promised Land.

Moses delivered to the people the laws governing sacrifices while in the wilderness. Now we are given laws that will govern the people when they reach the land God promised to give them.

When first reading this section I wondered why there were things added to the offerings and sacrifices. At first I thought it was a new requirement that resulted from the great sin Israel had just committed. I went back in Leviticus and looked at the sacrifices God had commanded of the people. I noticed a difference. That difference involved which side of the promise they were on. Read more »

Numbers 7:1-89 Inauguration Offerings

The first offerings to the Tabernacle were practical. The carts and oxen made transport possible.

Moses lists out for us the first offerings of each tribe brought to the Tabernacle. NO WAY could it all be done in one day so it spanned many days.

In a family with so many sons one thing I would expect is one group trying to outdo the other. That didn’t happen here. Each tribe brought exactly the same gifts. I have a feeling they did this because they were told what to bring.

The first offerings were for the service and transport of the Tabernacle. The Levites were given wagon and oxen to pull them. The two branches who had the physical structure of the tent and courtyard were given the carts to carry the pieces in. The branch who transported the Tabernacle furnishings were given none as these pieces were carried on their shoulders. This answers my questions from earlier on this issue. Read more »

Numbers 5:1-4 Clean Camp

God was cleaning house but this “dirt” didn’t get thrown out, only moved until it could be “cleaned up” too.

God calls Moses and the people to “clean up” the camp. This is accomplished by moving the “unclean” outside the camp.

In God’s laws we have already read about one of these groups listed being put outside the camp; the lepers. They would have to live outside the camp while they were infected. Now God calls for more of the unclean people to be put outside the camp. He calls for those with a discharge and those made unclean by being around the dead.

I’m curious if this means women during their periods too. Was this for a long term discharge or one of any length? Also people who were unclean because of contact with the dead could be clean again after evening fell and they had a bath. So was there a short term encampment outside the camp and a long term one? I don’t see these second groups wanting to be in the encampment of lepers. It would be too risky for them. Read more »

Leviticus 27:1-34 Laws of Promise

Times of trouble are when most vows are made. Keeping them after trouble ceases is when true relationship is established.

God gives His laws regarding promises made to Him. He doesn’t want “pie crust” promises. He wants ones done in blood.

As we close this book, which has been difficult for me, we get to read how God values us keeping our word. Have you ever made a “promise” and knew when you were making it that you weren’t really going to keep it? As kids we would cross our fingers and pretend that this act nullified any promise made. That way we could get away with breaking our promise. But if it was a solemn promise it was sealed with a special oath or an act. NOBODY broke a “hope to die” promise or a “pinky swear” promise. That was unforgivable.

Well, God says that promises made to Him are that binding. You can’t see it but I’m squirming in my seat because I KNOW I’ve broken promises to Him on several occasions throughout my life. One of the biggest that I repeatedly break is the promise to act loving towards others, no matter my stresses. Read more »

Leviticus 26:14-46 Punishments

It usually takes a bit of discomfort to get to the root of the problem.

God goes into great detail regarding the punishments that will be inflicted on Israel if they turn away from Him. It is NOT pretty! But…

God is not talking about bringing this punishment down on Israel for little slips in behavior. He is speaking of the systematic and gross turning against Him. We ALL sin but the sin God is warning against is LARGE and overwhelming.

He also doesn’t go from zero to a hundred in one second. He attempts to correct their behavior when it is in its infancy and KEEPS trying until it is CLEAR that they are NOT going to turn back. But even when things are at their worst, HE STILL LOVES THEM.

Reading these punishments brings to mind examples of them in action. The first one that strikes me is when Elijah shut up the heavens so there would be no rain. For 3 ½ years it did not rain. Crops didn’t grow. Trees didn’t give their fruit. The people starved! Many Read more »