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Leviticus 25:35-46 Poor Brothers

PRAISE GOD He doesn’t leave us here!

God calls for kindness to a fellow Israelite when he falls on hard times. I wish that God had forbidden slavery of all men at this time but He didn’t.

There were a few reasons most people wound up in slavery. The first is if they were conquered by and invading army. The losers of the battle would become the spoils for the victors. This happened many times in many different nations.

A second way was a result of financial difficulty. An individual would be unable to pay his debts and end up on the auction block. Or a father would have so many children he couldn’t feed them and instead sell them to gain money and decrease his demand load. Still yet, a man would find himself without means to work his fields and sell himself to another and give the proceeds to his family to carry on in his absence. Read more »

Leviticus 25:23-34 Redeeming Property

Houses my change over time but “Home” never does. There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

God is watchful over the property HE gives to Israel. It doesn’t “belong” to them but to Him. And He has rules regarding its sale.

We touched on this the last time we were together when we discussed the year of Jubilee. We saw that the property sold between Jubilee years reverted back to the original owner at the next occurrence. This change of hands was free of charge for the original “owners.”

I was thinking about how it would feel if I were the one living in the “borrowed” property when the Jubilee came. Jubilee only happened every 50 years. I wonder how many Jubilee years the average person saw. Moses lived to be 120 years old. Jubilee counting didn’t happen in his lifetime because it was for after they got to the Promised Land. But how many times would an average Israelite have to pick up stakes and move out of a house they had occupied for most of their life because of Jubilee? Read more »

Leviticus 25:8-22 Jubilee Years

Time to start again. The return of what was lost.

God calls for a rebalancing every 50 years. The slates are cleared and the people return to their allotments in the Promised Land that God has prepared.

The year of Jubilee would become very important to the people of Israel. First was the fact that, even if you lost your house due to circumstances beyond your control, on the year of Jubilee it came back to you completely. This requirement would impact the property value and long term contract.

How many years were left before the next Jubilee impacted the price one could sell their property for. The fewer the years before the Jubilee the lower the selling price. At the same time the more years before the Jubilee the larger the selling price. God insisted on fairness here. The price was required to be adjusted to reflect the actual use that the new owner would get. Read more »

Leviticus 24:5-9 Show Bread

A weekly supply of bread from the portion of the Lord for those who served in His house.

God gives instructions for the bread that is to be placed in the tabernacle on the table. He requires one loaf for each tribe and each loaf is made up of the exact same things.

When I first started reading this passage today I was intrigued by the frankincense. I’m certain it is a beautiful smelling aroma but why pour it over the bread. I started thinking about it and googled my question. I wanted to know if frankincense is a food preservative. I didn’t get a definitive answer on that aspect of it but was informed that it can be used for everything from minor cuts to “leprosy.” I doubt it really cured leprosy but it did have amazing health benefits. Read more »

Leviticus 24:1-4 The Lamps

Keep your light burning before the Lord regularly.

God addresses the light for His Tabernacle. A light that was kept burning regularly; EVERY night.

When I started the reading for today I noticed that this is the last of Hanukkah. I commented on the timing of the festivals, especially Rosh Hashanah and our western calendar. Now God addresses the lampstand which is central to the celebration ending tonight. Because I’m not intimately familiar with the Jewish calendar I don’t know if they lit their last lamp last night at evening or did so this evening. Either way, I like the timing and the reminder that I’m not the only one thinking about this item of God’s house right now.

I was always under the impression that the lampstand in the Tabernacle burned 24/7. I know there is no way for the light to penetrate the side walls or roof of the tent. It is FOUR layers thick. But the door to the tent is made of linen which is embroidered. I don’t know if it was rolled up or pulled to one side during the day or not but light should be able to penetrate it. So the outer sanctuary had natural light during daylight hours. But it was pitch dark at night without the lamp. Read more »