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Numbers 15:32-36 An Example

The whole congregation was required to carry out the decision of God.

God sticks to His laws with His people. He gives them firm examples as to why they should too.

Reading this story might make one think God is harsh and uncaring. You could also try and argue that the punishment didn’t fit the crime. I know I see elements of that when I just read the words laid down here for us. But then I think deeper about what was going on at the time and how this lesson would impact Israel’s future.

I want to look at this story from five different perspectives. First is the man who was gathering sticks that Sabbath morning. The second is the group who caught him in the act. The third is the members of the congregation. The fourth is Moses. And the fifth is God.

Our man out gathering sticks is up first. I’m wondering why he was out there on a Sabbath. Did he not gather enough of Friday to hold him through the Sabbath? Was he gathering sticks because his family was cold? Did he possibly stay out gathering until just after the Sabbath began? Read more »

Numbers 9:1-14 Wilderness Passover

God allowed grace for unforseen circumstances. But He still expected adherence to the rules.

God tells Moses to have the people celebrate the Passover while still in the wilderness. He called for it right on schedule.

Today’s reading answers one of my questions that I had been asking for a long time. I wondered if the children of Israel waited until they reached the Promised Land to celebrate Passover or if they did so in the wilderness.

By the first month of the second year the people had already received God Law through Moses regarding the Passover. I believe God addressed this with them right after leaving Egypt. He set up the standards and regulations at that time. So when the time came for the first annual celebration, He reminded them. Maybe they were wondering, like I was, if this was something to be done once they reached the Promised Land or while still on their journey. God answered their question too. Read more »

Numbers 8:23-26 Retirement

Old age doesn’t mean and end to usefulness. Different roles but just as important.

God specified the age requirements for the Levites to be serving within the Tabernacle. From 25 to 50 they were required to wok.

We already looked at God’s call for the Levites to “come to do duty, to do services in the tent of meeting” (Numbers 4:3, 23, & 30). The wording is not exact in each of these three references but the intent is the same. God called Moses to number all the Levites from the three different lines who were between 30 and 50. These were the men who were to do duty, to serve in the tent of meetings.

In our reading today we are told that they had a more defined span of service. God called for the men between the ages of 25 to 50 to serve in the tent of meeting. After 50 they were allowed to do guard duty but not serve in the tent itself. Read more »

Numbers 6:22-27 Bless Them

This blessing is for ALL His children.

This is a beautiful passage! It is the blessing that was to be given to the people from the Lord. God gave these words as certainly as He gave the ones concerning adultery.

When we looked at the passage regarding the test for adultery we looked at the fact that God gave the priest and the woman the words to say. And because HE gave them they were trustworthy and would result in a just judgement. No magic or luck necessary for the right outcome.

With the words God is giving Moses today it is the same concept. When the priests pronounce these blessings upon the people or the individual they can’t help but be brought to fruition. They are God’s promise. But that promise came with conditions, just like the adultery test. Read more »

Numbers 6:1-21 Nazirite Vow

One of the things the Nazirite couldn’t do was have ANYTHING made of grapes in any form.

This vow is NOT for everyone! It is a strict covenant between a specific person and God. And God calls for specific requirements of anyone making it.

I have heard some postulate that Jesus made a Nazirite vow but this is impossible. He would have broken that vow MULTIPLE times over in His walk on the earth. He came into direct contact with multiple dead people and never had to stop His ministry in its tracks and start over. He drank wine when He visited several different people when invited to dine at their homes. He even served wine during the last supper. He stated that He would “not taste again” the fruit of the vine until He tasted it in His Father’s house. This means He had tasted it before that event and at that event. Jesus’ life was separated to the Lord but not in this form. Read more »