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Leviticus 5:14-6:7 Guilt Offerings

The chain of guilt are broken.

We look at the guilt offering now. I’m SO glad this one is included because it covers those who do intentional sins too.

When we looked at the sin offering last time, the text gave the specific definition of acts covered under that offering as “unintentional.” I don’t know about you but I find that when I get in trouble with sin it is usually an intentional act. “The Devil made me do it” doesn’t fly. It is my hands, my mouth, or my will that got me on the wrong side of the equation. With the sin offering I felt I was beyond hope. But today’s offering restores my hope and puts my fears to rest. Maybe I should have read this section with the last one so I wouldn’t have been so stressed. Then again, maybe that “stress” was good for me.

The offering we are looking at concerns one who is guilty of some act. The first act mentioned is unintentional but it is directed at “breach of faith” concerning a “holy thing of the Lord.” I’m assuming this is similar to the breach of faith in the last offering but this one is a breach of something concerning the Lord. This sounds to me like the person made a promise/vow to the Lord and for some reason did not keep it. Read more »

Leviticus 1:1-17 Burnt Offerings

The substitution begins here with the individual man seeking God’s help.

We are wading into deep water now. We have reached Leviticus and are about to embark on learning about God’s Law. Gulp!

God starts out by addressing the burnt offerings first. I am going to confess a bit of confusion on this issue still. God says “It is a burnt offering, a food offering” to all three of these examples. Is the animal fully burned, cooked, or just the part that is separated kept for consumption? I am no expert and I hadn’t found a good answer for this question the last time I encountered it.

Because I didn’t find a satisfactory answer the first time I had to look again. What I found is that with a burnt offering ALL of it was burnt. None was saved except the skin. This was not a meal preparation but a complete surrender of this animal to the Lord. Read more »

Exodus 35:1-3 Sabbath Laws

Observing the Sabbath isn’t about ritual but relationship. It’s a sign of the covenant God made with Israel.

Moses shares God’s command for the Sabbath. This is to be a holy day unto Him for all time.

We discussed the Sabbath laws when God first gave them to Moses. We touched on the fact that this law was for Israel and that most Christians celebrate the first day of the week instead. Israel still adheres to the Sabbath even now as well as some denominations of the Christian faith.

When Moses shares God’s command for a Sabbath rest and separation of that day as holy to the Lord, he is STRICT with his instructions. He was quoting God though. In Exodus 31:15b God states to Moses “Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day shall be put to death.” This was told to Moses the first time he came up the mountain to meet with God for the stone tablets. NOTHING that was said the first time was forgotten or replaced during his second visit. We don’t hear God using those exact words the second time but Moses KNOWS that the earlier commands still apply. Read more »

Exodus 23:20-33 I See Victory Ahead

He does the hard parts. All we have to do is trust and obey.

God renews His promise with Moses and gives him a bit more information on it. God shares that He is sending an emissary before them on their journey.

God concludes His filling out of His Ten Commandments. This isn’t the end of what He has to teach His people but it is a great starting place. He is taking them step by step into His statutes just like He promises to take them step by step into conquering the Promised Land.

Reading God’s promise today is a bit hard because we know the rest of the story. The adults that came out of Egypt won’t be the ones who go into the Promised Land. They will break God’s heart and throw His promises back in His face. We will get to those “yah buts” and “holy cows” later on. But hearing the promise God gives Moses makes me want to cry. Read more »

Exodus 21:1-32 Physical Violence & Slavery

God DID NOT allow the Hebrews to treat their slaves as the Egyptians treated them!

God is continuing to fill out His original outline of the Ten Commandments. Today we look at physical violence between different individuals.

I am going to start off by saying that I do NOT like this subject matter! A big portion of what we read today has to do with slaves. I tried simply writing about what God shared with Moses regarding slaves, but I got a bit confused so I made a table instead. Read more »