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2 John 1-3 Covert Greetings

Even spiritually, two “parents” are needed. One is perfect but the other is healthy only when in submission to HIm.

John is writing a very short letter to one of the churches. His letter appears to be speaking to one person, but my bible helps say otherwise.

We are going to take a look at John’s greeting today. “The elder to the elect lady and her children” (verse 1a).

My first question when reading this is who is the lady and why was she not named? It would have been a great honor to have one of the elders of the church write directly to me, but then again maybe not. The majority of the letters written to the churches were for correction. I would want to know when I was out of line but definitely wouldn’t want that shared with the rest of the world, as this letter was.

At first glance it looked like John was commending this woman for raising godly children. But my bible helps tells me that John’s address was really to a church and its members. So why would John’s address say “the elect lady and her children”? Read more »