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John 1:1-5 The Word

There was the fullness of the Godhead from the beginning

I love the book of John but of all the gospel accounts, I find John’s to be the most challenging to understand. John doesn’t simply stick to the “what happened when and where” account of Jesus’ life. He goes to the philosophical too. I pray that God leads me by the hand, here more than ever, as we walk through the last look at Jesus’ personal story.

I enjoy writing and I think John probably did too. We know he was inspired by the Holy Spirit in his writings, but his style grabs you right away. John’s “once upon a time” goes back way before time even began. He takes us back to the “beginning” of it all. Not the beginning of God, because God says He IS the beginning and the end. He has no beginning because He is outside of time. He brings us to our beginning. Read more »