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Mark 12:18-27 On The Other Side

The grave is not the end

The grave is not the end

Jesus is still in the temple. He has met several challenges already. Now the Sadducees are going to have a go at Him. We already know that defeat awaits them, but let’s look at how they get there.

Today’s story is another repeat from Matthew’s stories. We talked about the woman in the Sadducees hypothesis when the asked “Whose Wife is She?” Check out our study on that point.

We get to look at this story again and see what else we can find in it. We are going to be treading on some of the same ground, but also looking a little deeper. I want to look at what we will look like when in our resurrected bodies. The Sadducees didn’t have the scriptures of the New Testament, so they are at a little of a disadvantage in this conversation. Even though they lacked some of what we have, they had plenty of evidence supporting life beyond this life. Read more »