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Luke 18:9-14 Two Prayers

publican and Pharisee praying

God listens to prayers from a honest heart.

We get to read another unique parable today. I love that Luke brings us new parables as well as familiar ones. I have always liked this story and there was a song that I used to sing that went with it. I searched for it but can’t find it. I did find one I liked about the Pharisee and the Publican though. Anyway, on to our lesson.

We are told right away why Jesus used this parable and who it was aimed at. He was speaking directly to “some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and treated others with contempt” (verse 9). I’m going to hazard a guess and say that some of them were in fact Pharisees. This group had a habit of this kind of behavior and Jesus called them on it quite regularly.

Jesus tells the story of two men going to the temple to pray. One so full of himself that he had no room for anyone else and the other humbled by his own life. The Pharisee in the story is praying and bragging to God about how holy and righteous he is. He isn’t unjust, doesn’t commit adultery, and doesn’t extort money from others. He is “not like other men” (verse 11). Really? I count at least two sins right off the bat. The first is judging others and the second is pride. I may be joining him is the first mentioned sin by judging him myself, but Jesus used him as the example in the story. The Pharisee didn’t “need” a Savior because he deemed himself sin free. Read more »