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2 Corinthian 8:1-15 Matter of Fairness

Giving from the heart as a matter of fairness.

Paul is encouraging the Corinthian church to make good on their promised gift of support. As a body they had pledged help but they had not yet delivered on their promise.

I’m assuming that because of the split in this church the promised gift was harder to give. It could also be that their attention had been diverted from the promised gift with all that they were dealing with in the church.

Paul recognizes that situations have changed but reminds them of their promise anyway. He doesn’t insist on the full amount originally pledged. Instead he asks them to give “according to what a person has, not according to what he does not have” (verse 12). Read more »

1 Corinthians 16:1-4 Weekly Offerings

Giving involves the heart, not just the pocketbook

Paul now gets down to the business portion of his letter. My bible helps tell me he is responding to a question in the Corinthian’s letter to him. This question involves giving.

Looking at the wording Paul uses, it sounds like this group is asking if they could contribute like their sister church. It appears that they wanted direction on how they should orchestrate this process of giving to help the Jerusalem church. This was where Paul’s collections from the different churches ended up. Read more »

Luke 21:1-4 She Gave Her All

What are you offering to HIm?

We are with Jesus in the treasury as He watches people depositing their offerings in the treasury. When we looked at this story in Mark we learned a LOT about the setting and the offering ritual. That blog was “A Penny From The Heart.” I had a ton of questions I have always wanted to ask. We also looked at the heart as the gift.

I have a confession to make; I’m having trouble with where to go today. Or I was until I sat still for a moment. I was prompted to look at the gift given in terms of time instead of money. To use the principal Jesus applied to her giving financially to us giving of our time. We often hear the phrase, “time is money.” It is appropriate for today’s discussion. Please don’t throw “rotten tomatoes” if my analogies fall short tonight. I’m simply going to let this thought take us where it will and trust that God is still in control of our direction. Read more »