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Luke 19:11-27 Make Use of What You Are Given

Take off that ribbon!!

Luke tells us that Jesus, His disciples and all those following along are nearing Jerusalem. He knows what is in their hearts and what they think the agenda is going to be on this trip. Luke tells us Jesus uses the parable we are going to look at today because they were expecting Him to set up His throne right away. He wanted to set before them the need to work in His absence for His Kingdom. “Not yet fellas, a little longer.”

Matthew shares a similar parable with us involving three servants and differing sizes of talents. If you are interested, you can skip over and check out our discussion on that entry by clicking “Plenty of Talents.”

Today’s story is a little different in the number of ways. First, is the number of servants chosen to receive an investment. In this story there are ten servants chosen by the nobleman. The amount given is also different. Each servant received exactly the same amount. There was no distinction made between them initially. The “punishment” for the unproductive servant is also different. The unfaithful servant in the first story was killed, where this one only had his gifting removed. The final difference that I notice is the backstory that is included in this one. We are told where the nobleman is going, why he is going, and about the people left behind. They actually suffer the fate of the unfaithful servant in the first story. So let’s look at these differences and see where they take us. We will take them in the order they appear in the story. Read more »