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2 Corinthians 8:16-24 Faithful Servants

Be faithful with what He gives you now; then He will trust you with more.

We meet, some for the first time, several faithful servants. Some are not even named but their company is a blessing to all.

Paul is our first faithful servant. He has been sharing the word continually since his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damasks. Titus is the only other one in our reading today that is named. Paul is especially fond of him. He was the one who took at least one of the letters to the Corinthian church and brought back a report of their response to Paul’s correction.

Titus cared so much about this body that he chose to go to them on his own. He didn’t wait to be asked but volunteered for this task. Paul had told him a lot about this group of believers and he wanted to see for himself this wonderful group. Read more »