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Matthew 10:16-25 Jesus’ Disciples Job Description: Customer Service

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Jesus talks to His disciples today about the people they will be serving as they go out. He doesn’t speak strictly about the people they will be serving in the next couple of days or weeks, but in their lifetime. He prepares them for the difficult task ahead. After such a “pep talk” I don’t know if I would be so eager to run out and start ministering. But in that “pep talk” He is SURE to mention that He and God, again, have their backs.

Jesus starts by saying that they are going out as “sheep in the midst of wolves” (verse 16) but that they are not to just stand there and be eaten. They are, however, to remain innocent in these circumstances. They are not to become like the wolves to fit in. But they are to be wise about their strategies in reaching out to those they are to serve. Don’t become like them but make your lifestyle so enticing to them that they want to become like you. You, after all, have the only true remedy to their problem. And you are offering it to them freely. Read more »