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Leviticus 25:35-46 Poor Brothers

PRAISE GOD He doesn’t leave us here!

God calls for kindness to a fellow Israelite when he falls on hard times. I wish that God had forbidden slavery of all men at this time but He didn’t.

There were a few reasons most people wound up in slavery. The first is if they were conquered by and invading army. The losers of the battle would become the spoils for the victors. This happened many times in many different nations.

A second way was a result of financial difficulty. An individual would be unable to pay his debts and end up on the auction block. Or a father would have so many children he couldn’t feed them and instead sell them to gain money and decrease his demand load. Still yet, a man would find himself without means to work his fields and sell himself to another and give the proceeds to his family to carry on in his absence. Read more »

1 Timothy 4:1-5 False Footholds

Unless it is a complete truth, it is a lie. Don’t swallow twisted truths!

False doctrines will lead even some believers astray. Paul shares this sad but sobering fact with Timothy. He focuses on two specific areas prone to attack. Maybe because that was the trouble spots in the body being addressed.

Paul flat out calls those teaching things not found in the gospel liars and led by deceitful spirits. He says their teachings come from demons. That sounds like it would be a scary doctrine and people would easily recognize it. But the examples Paul uses aren’t scary at all. They are swallowed even today as gospel truths.

Satan is REALLY good as twisting the truth just a little bit to make it sound plausible and desirable. But, just like a true/false statement, if even ONE part is false the whole is false. That little twist makes a lot of difference. Read more »

1 Corinthians 8:1-13 Love Builds Up

God’s command is to love

Paul is beginning to address “freedom” under the new covenant. In our reading today he addresses eating restrictions. But his real message focuses on loving your brother above your freedoms.

I’m assuming this topic had to do with the Corinthian’s original letter to Paul. They apparently possessed knowledge that it was not a sin to eat meat that had been offered to idols. But their “knowledge” made them proud and boastful. Probably a little judgmental of others who didn’t possess this knowledge.

Paul respects their knowledge and freedom. He doesn’t take away from it or tell them they are in error. He is in agreement with them on this point. He is probably the one who taught this to them in the first place. What he does do though is strongly caution them to use care when exercising that freedom. Read more »