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Luke 23:32-43 The Stage is Set

Jesus paid the price for our forgiveness

Jesus takes the cross today. The stage is set for Jesus’ final gift to man. His ultimate sacrifice. The reason He can pray confidently, “Father, forgive them.”

Jesus was without sin, without guilt, when He went to the cross. Every charge brought against Him was found to be baseless upon unbiased examination. The High Priest and the Sanhedrin were NOT fair in their judgement. They were not impartial and had convicted Him before even bringing Him to trial. But Pilate and Herod both judged Him according to the evidence. He was innocent of ALL charges. He went to the cross sinless. Read more »

Matthew 3:1-6 A Voice Crying in the Wilderness


An outward sign of an inward change

Where did John get his education? Was everything he said imparted by the Holy Spirit? Did he spend time with Jesus while they were growing up? Did Jesus teach him as a child? We know that his mother was filled by the Holy Spirit before his birth when she bore witness for Mary of Jesus’ deity.  Was he filled at this time too? If he was, did that filling stay with him his whole life?

John was bold and totally sure of his calling. He never wavered in what he was to do. He didn’t back down or get intimidated by anyone. He was not shy about saying just what he thought. How did he get so bold? Did his parents, from the time he could understand, tell him of his mission in life? Did they really understand his mission themselves? How did his parents raise such a self-assured young man? Not self-assured but God inspired! Was he this way from the time he could talk or did he move into this assurance as he grew older? Read more »