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Acts 8:26-40 Open Doors

Willing to walk through what He opens

I have always loved the story we are looking at today because of the mode of travel Philip got to enjoy at the end. One of my recurrent dreams is flying and this story speaks to that dream. I re-read it today and saw something even more exciting than that! It was obedience and open doors.

Philip has been sharing the gospel in Samaria for some time. Those that he ministered to have now received the Holy Spirit through the apostle’s prayers. I believe they were on a firm foundation to continue growing in the faith. I don’t know who God sent as a replacement shepherd for Philip but he was needed elsewhere, so off he went.

What was it about Philip that made him so quick to follow the Spirit’s urgings? We think of the apostle Paul as the apostle to the Gentiles but Philip was the one to break that ground first with the Samaritans and now with an Ethiopian. He went wherever he was led without a fuss. VERY fortunate for this Ethiopian eunuch that he did so too. Read more »