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Luke 9: 37-43 Not Much Longer


Even tired, He never quit

Even tired, He did not quit

Today we read the story of the boy who was healed of epilepsy. This was a spiritual healing as well as a physical one, as Jesus rebuked an unclean spirit in order to heal the boy. We saw this story in Matthew and Mark too. If you want to go back and check the earlier post out click on “Jesus Heals the Boy With a Demon” and “Come Out of Him.”

Both of our last two visits we talk about the faith issues in this story. It’s hard not to focus on faith in this story because it is so central to everything. The disciples’ immature faith, the father’s lack of faith, and Jesus’ abounding faith. Jesus’ comment about prayer and fasting being the avenue for faith building. So finding a new topic has been a bit challenging today.

While reading Luke’s account of this story I have felt drawn to one particular verse. I keep coming back to verse 41. I’m not really sure why, but that is where we are going today. I have found that when I am drawn somewhere it usually turns out that there is a reason and a lesson waiting for me. Read more »