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Luke 17:7-10 Doing My Duty

No thanks necessary, it's my pleasure to serve Him

No thanks necessary, it’s my pleasure to serve Him

Jesus words today are hard for me to put myself into. I have never had servants nor been a servant. I understand service from the perspective of a mother or an employee though. I also understand the attitude of unworthiness that Jesus refers to. This is NOT the attitude of most people today. Too often I have to count myself in that number.

The person Jesus is using in His example is first and foremost a servant. His role is to see to the needs of his master above anything else, including his own needs. After laboring in the field or tending sheep all day he was to come in, clean himself up and serve dinner to the master. THEN he could tend to his own needs for food and rest. I’m curious to know if the master had been toiling away all day too.

As a mother, I had to put my children’s needs above my own. When they were infants, my whole day revolved around their needs. Each cry would end whatever it was that I was doing and bring my whole focus onto their needs. Read more »