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Romans 5:12-21 The Path of Pardon

My guilt is clear but Jesus purchased my pardon anyway

We are still following along with Paul as he writes to the Roman church. He is expounding on the fact that it is not the Law that saves man, but faith. Faith in Christ Jesus. Today Paul shares the universalness of Adam’s sin and Jesus’ gift of grace.

When Adam sinned, broke God’s direct commandment, his spirit died that day. His physical body took a while to reap that “benefit” but it eventually died too. His dead spirit was passed on to each and every decedent from that moment on. Sin is what caused that death and what keeps each one of us separated from God. We sin because our spirit is dead even at birth.

Jesus didn’t share the same father as the rest of mankind so He didn’t receive the same dead spirit we do. Jesus’ Father is God, not Adam. Jesus’ spirit is alive. He was not born into sin and was not bound by it as we are. Read more »

Romans 4:13-25 The Promise Rests on Faith

The foundation of His promise

I left you for a couple of days while I did other things and contemplated today’s passage. I will be truthful and claim sheer laziness and “writer’s block” as my excuses. Paul has gotten to the point in his argument regarding the promise of God and its base foundation; faith and not the law. We looked at Abram/Abraham and his faith journey last time. Now Paul is asking his audience to step into that same kind of faith.

The first thing I want to look at is Paul’s statement about the Law and the promise made to Abraham. Abraham received this promise LONG before God gave His people His Laws. God was bound by no law to fulfill His promise, only by Abraham’s faith in God’s word. “God said it, I believe it. That’s all there is to it.” Read more »

Romans 4:1-12 Faith First

First step: Faith

Paul is continuing to bring us down the Romans Road. We are looking at the beginning of the people of Israel and the beginning of faith. Abraham is Paul’s example as he received the promise of this people.

I don’t think Paul could be any clearer here. Abram, whom God named Abraham later, was a regular man in a regular city. He listened to God when He called him out from among the people. He went where he was led. He learned to trust God during his first years. He stumbled into sin in Egypt but God protected him even then. Read more »