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Exodus 12:43-13:2 Redemption Rules

Moses didn’t need … to know God was about to speak, his spirit was in tune and he showed patience.

The children of Israel are finally free from Egypt. God sets a new standard for them regarding separation and redemption.

Even under Egyptian rule the children of Israel continued the practice of circumcision. Moses had neglected to circumcise at least one of his sons, but this was remedied by his wife when his life was in danger by an angel. All those coming out of Egypt were circumcised. But this was a “mixed multitude” who followed Moses out. I don’t know the state of every male that accompanied them, but I suspect those that aligned with Israel also followed their practices; even those who were of mixed blood.

The instructions the Lord is giving Moses today regarding the Passover feast are for future generations. This generation had already partaken of the Passover meal. These instructions would actually not be applicable until Israel founded their new home in the Promised Land. While in the wilderness they lived on manna from Heaven and none of the children were circumcised until after crossing the Jordan. His final instructions for today though are for this people and all those from then on; the firstborn belong to Him. Read more »