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Luke 16:19-31 Too Little Too Late

Crying out for mercy but he found none.

Crying out for mercy. On earth there was none.

Today in our reading we will be looking at one of my favorite stories. Not THE favorite, but up there among them. The story is about a self-absorbed rich man and a destitute beggar. This story is also where we get a glimpse at God’s “holding place” for those who believed in and followed Him before Jesus’ final sacrifice. Let’s see where He takes us today.

We start our story out with a quick peek at both our main characters. We are not told a lot about these men, but we can make some very accurate assumptions from what we are given. The rich man had the best of everything. Fine clothes, plenty of food, and had a fine house. He was also stingy, cared only for himself and was hard hearted. Every day Lazarus was laid at his gate. EVERY DAY! How many times had he walked right past him? How many times had he seen his sores or watched out a window as the dogs licked him? How many times had he turned a deaf ear to Lazarus’ plea for a crust of bread or a single coin? Each and every time, he turned away, treating Lazarus as nothing. He had MORE than enough to share. Even if he simply shared his trash, Lazarus would have been better off. But he did NOTHING in his life to help this man he saw every day. Read more »