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Luke 8:1-3 Equal Opportunity Evangelism

Jesus teaching a mixed gender crowd

Jesus taught all who sought Hm

In our reading today Luke makes sure to note that Jesus traveled with men and women. His 12 specifically appointed disciples were all men but many women also learned at His feet. This was the place disciples occupied in that age.

Mark lists Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna and “many others” traveled with and were taught by Jesus. I believe these women provided physical support, as in caring for the clothing of the group and cooking their meals, as well as monetary support. Luke says they “provided for them out of their means” (verse 3). This means that these women had enough money to help care for the needs of Jesus, His twelve disciples and themselves.

Where did they get that kind of money? Joanna was the wife of Herod’s chief servant. She probably had access to her husband’s wages and funds. Mary Magdalene was thought to be a prostitute and had received money for her services. We are told very little about Susanna or any of the other women, except that they helped out any way they could. Read more »