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Matthew 24:3-14 Signs of the End of the Age


Wake up and pay attention!

Wake up and pay attention!

Jesus has left the temple in Jerusalem where He bested all the religious leaders they threw at Him. He and His disciples headed out of town for the evening and went to the Mount of Olives. Here He will provide His disciples with a sneak peek into our future.

Jesus had just told His disciples about the destruction of the temple as they were leaving town. The disciples come to Him now and ask for more information on that event. “Tell us, when will these things be” (verse 3).

The second questions Jesus’ disciples ask Him has got me thinking. Jesus’ disciples were expecting Him to rule and reign on earth right away. Were they asking what to expect before He took the throne in His current walk or were they asking regarding His references to coming again? What “age” are they referring to when they ask this question? The end of the Roman rule, or the end of Satan’s rule? Was this question inspired by the Holy Spirit so they, and we, could have it filed away for future use? Read more »