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John 20:24-29 Puts Doubt to Rest

Did Jesus need to take Thomas’ hand to touch Him?

We get to hear a unique story from John. He is the only one who shares Thomas’ experience regarding Jesus’ resurrection with us. This is the story that inspired the phrase “doubting Thomas.”

I can sympathize with Thomas, to a degree, in John’s account. Jesus’ resurrection was a miracle above all miracles. Nothing like it had ever been done or even heard of before. That is probably the same reason the other disciples had a hard time believing the women and the two who met Him on the way to Emmaus.

But Thomas had more than a dozen witnesses who had seen Jesus alive. Did they ALL try and convince him or was he only approached by a few? What was it that made Thomas discount his peers so out of hand? Thomas would have fit in perfectly with the “flat Earth society” and the “moon landing was a hoax” group. These individuals required personal proof to change their beliefs. Read more »