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Philippians 4:2-9 Do Not Be Anxious

Focus on praise not problems. That’s how to turn and anxious heart into a thankful heart

Paul is ending with a little encouragement and light redirection. The key point in his exhortation is to be at peace in God, with one another and within one’s self.

When Paul is addressing these two spiritual sisters, Euodia and Syntyche, he tells them “to agree in the Lord” (verse 2). I take it for some reason these two ladies were at loggerheads over something. He didn’t tell them they had to agree about everything but as it pertains to the Lord and His work, he instructed them to come together. They were both helpers to him and had worked alongside him for the gospel. Paul was also certain they were true believers as he said their names were in the book of life. But for some reason they didn’t get along with one another. Read more »

Luke 12:22-34 Don’t Worry

More precious than gold

More precious than gold

In our reading today we are continuing with Jesus on His thought from yesterday’s study. He is talking about our treasures and the time they consume in our quest to acquire them. Jesus doesn’t continue His parable from the last reading into today’s topic but I would like to use “Joshua” today in our study.

When we met Joshua yesterday we discovered a man consumed with acquiring wealth for himself and no one else. He cared nothing for his fellow man and sought out only his own comfort. He worried and fretted over every penny he spent and how they were spent. He was a very unhappy man. He never had enough and what he had wasn’t good enough. He REALLY could have used a dose of what Jesus is prescribing for His disciples. Read more »

Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus Says, “Don’t Be Anxious”

The sky is NOT falling

The sky is NOT falling. God is STILL in control

Jesus’ teaching today ties in very closely with yesterday’s. Yesterday He addressed where our treasure is. Today He is addressing being anxious. Actually, Jesus didn’t split these two sections, we did. My bible starts this section with “Therefore…” I had a pastor once who said, “Any time you see a ‘therefore’ you better look and see what it is there for.” In other words, what just preceded it is important to the next thought.

Jesus just finished addressing our treasure’s location: in Heaven or Earth. He just told us that we CANNOT serve God AND money. So these themes are therefore carried over into today’s lesson.

Jesus knew that money was a common concern, or anxiety producer, for everyone. He had just told us that we weren’t to chase after earthly things. So, what are earthly things? The things money buys. That is why He started off this section talking about the essentials things money is usually used to buy; food, drinks, and clothing. These are what we consider the necessities of life. Without these we die. So if I’m not supposed to chase after money to get these things, how am I supposed to meet my needs? Read more »