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Luke 23:18-25 The Innocent Condemned

Jesus condemnation was UNJUST, but it bought grace for us all

Luke brings us an abbreviated version of Pilate’s last ditch effort to free Jesus. We looked at Pilate’s efforts in Matthew and Mark too. As the crowd cries out “Crucify Him”, Pilate gives in and “The Crowd Rules.” This is a scene which tears my heart. It apparently was very difficult for Pilate too.

Pilate is doing everything he can think of, including stacking the deck with BAD choices, to get Jesus out of this predicament. Luke doesn’t tell us that Pilate initially suggested Barabbas but Matthew does. Luke clearly states the charges against Barabbas though and the people’s insistence on releasing him over Jesus. Read more »

Mark 15:6-15 Crucify Him!

How big was this crowd?

How big was this crowd?

We are continuing on with Jesus as He moves ever forward towards the cross. We join Him in the presence of Pilate at the annual feast ceremony. This is where and when Pilate customarily releases one prisoner back to the people.

As this is an important event, Matthew also included it in his narrative. We looked at this event in the blog titled “The Crowd Rules.” Once again we put ourselves in the story. I hope you pop back over and feel the events of the day.  There are a couple of questions I want to ask about the events as we revisit this scene in Mark’s gospel. Read more »