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Hebrews 6:13-20 God’s Promise

One of God’s visual reminders of His covenant promise.

Today’s reading focuses on God’s promises. What He says, you can believe. He cannot lie and there is none higher than Him.

Being our author it writing to Jewish believers, he uses one of their greatest faith examples; that of Abraham. All of his readers can recount this story but they may not have thought of it in the same terms he presents it to them now. He focuses on surety of God’s promise.

We all make promises but not all of them are created equal. Some of the examples that come to my mind are the “pinky swear”, “pie crust promises”, “solemn promise”, “vows”, “covenants” and “contracts.” I’m sure I missed a few. The point is this; with each of these promises there is an understanding of strength of commitment between the two parties. To a child, you can’t get more serious that the “pinky swear” or “cross your heart” promise. But even that ultimate childhood promise is only as good as the persons making it. Read more »

Romans 7:1-6 Fulfilling The Covenant

One of God’s first covenants

Before we proceed with our discussion today I want to define a term we all should know. That term is covenant. A covenant is a contract made with the heart instead of just the head. A covenant also remains in effect even when one of the parties who entered into it fails to follow through on their promises. Both parties usually exchange something of value when making a covenant. And a covenant often lasts for the lifetime of those who enter into such an agreement. Which brings us to Paul’s message regarding the Law v grace. In today’s reading he makes a masterful point. Read more »