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Luke 14:25-33 Commitment Called For

Going where He leads, no matter what

Going where He leads, no matter what

Today we are going to look at what it takes to follow Jesus. The cost of making a true commitment. I find it interesting that this should be our reading today. I probably glanced at the heading yesterday, but didn’t really think about today’s reading beforehand. I say that it is funny because I almost skipped writing tonight because I got busy with other work. Today Jesus addresses our commitment to follow Him.

Part of Jesus message to us today is familiar. We have already looked at His statement about taking up your cross and following Him in Matthew, Mark and earlier in Luke. It is important enough that the Holy Spirit inspired Luke to write about it again. Unfortunately I feel tapped out when it comes to gleaning more from this section than we have already learned. For this part of Jesus’ message I’m going to link you to our earlier study of it in Luke. That post has links to the other two instances where we addressed this message. Please feel free to revisit The Daily CallRead more »

Matthew 8:18-22 Counting the Cost to Follow the Cross

Jesus facing those who would follow, tells the cost of the cross

The Cost of the Cross

Jesus had been busy all night healing those who came to Him in Capernaum, probably at Peter’s house. The people didn’t come, get their healing, and then leave. They stuck around. More and more people were coming. Jesus could have probably stayed where He was and taught them for days before they all decided to leave. But Jesus was physically tired and needed to get away to take a breath. He also wanted to share His message and His healing presence with others in different areas. These were not the only people He came to help. There were other people out there who also needed to hear what He had to say. So He told His disciples it was time to move on.

Jesus decided to travel by boat. What better way to guarantee some alone time than to surround yourself with water. On the way to the boat He was approached by a scribe. I don’t know if this man received healing from Jesus earlier that night or if he had just joined the crowd, but he boldly said he wanted to follow Jesus wherever He went. Jesus knew this man’s heart. By Jesus’ answer I’m guessing that this man was used to easy living and lots of luxuries. Jesus didn’t have any of that to offer him. The road Jesus was traveling was to be filled with sleeping out under the stars as they journeyed between towns, daily dusty roads, and MANY run ins with the Jewish leaders. Nowhere a soft person would want to be. I wonder what the man did with that information. Did he feel offended by Jesus’ statement? Did he return to his regular life? Did he follow Jesus anyway? Was Jesus’ statement made to prepare the man for what lay ahead or to discourage him from accompanying Jesus? Read more »