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1 Corinthians 11:17-34 Communion Commandments

Paul firmly addresses his readers in today’s section. He has heard of how they have been treating each other in regards to the Lord’s Supper, communion. Their actions and attitudes have brought about judgement.

For those of us who have been raised in the church this may be one of our most familiar passages. Verses 23—26 are the standard communion reading. It is the beautiful reminder of Jesus’ work on the cross for us. Read more »

Mark 14:22-25 This is My Blood of the Covenant

The New Covenants spelled out

The New Covenants spelled out

Jesus and His disciples are continuing on with their Passover meal. The question of “is it me” has run its course as each of His disciples asked it of Him. Jesus never did name names but Judas knew who He was talking about. The others would learn of it later. Now Jesus wants to establish a very personal and special ceremony with His disciples. This will be a remembrance celebration that will last forever.

We encountered this scene in Matthew’s gospel too and talked about it as Our First Communion. In this discussion we looked at the events that took place and the words Jesus shared with His disciples. I want to look at the deeper meaning of the elements Jesus used and what their practical significance.  Read more »