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John 19:17-27 A Quick March With Jesus

SO much life waiting to be discovered just beneath the surface

John takes us on a “quick march” through the crucifixion account. We move from Pilate’s judgement hall, touch on Jesus’ progression down the Via Dolorosa, and end up on Golgotha at the foot of the cross. Maybe the Holy Spirit felt enough of the specific details of the events had been shared through the other gospel writers. It takes reading all four accounts to get the complete picture. The Holy Spirit, through John, does mention several details along this quick march. He places a LOT for us to discover beneath the surface of John’s pen.

The first detail John shares was that Jesus was carrying His own cross. Even after being beaten by the vicious Roman soldiers and suffering their mocking and ridicule. He still lifted up that heavy crossbeam and brought it to Calvary. We know from the other gospel writers that He received help from Simon of Cyrene to carry it part of the way. Read more »