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1 Peter 1:1-2 Greetings From Peter

Written to the brothers and sisters spread all over. Through time too.

Peter is addressing his letter to the new believers who were scattered by persecution. It is a wide geographical group but still the body of Christ. His letter is sent to both Jew and Gentile believers.

God knew who these people were before they even knew Him. He knew the persecution they were going to face. He knew they were going to be scattered. He even knew why and when. We can easily see the reason but the when things will occur is still God’s to direct.

Those that were scattered by the persecution were not left alone. They were not abandoned to figure out how to live the life of a new believer on their own. God sent Jesus’ disciples out physically and through letters to help grown His new body.

Each and every person who comes to faith in Jesus is connected to Him. Each one is specially called by God. Each one has a purpose and a plan for their life in God’s Kingdom. And Peter is asking God to multiply His grace and peace in each of them. Read more »

1 Timothy 3:14-16 The Church Lives

A body not made with hands but living and alive.

Paul states his purpose, in no uncertain terms, behind writing this letter to Timothy. He wants to make sure there is order in the church, even if he can’t be there to establish it himself.

Paul trusted Timothy. He personally sent him to this body of believers to watch over them and set them straight. He commissioned Timothy to deal with the false teachers and instructed him on how to identify appropriate leaders. Now he makes sure that Timothy realizes the trust that he has put in him.

If Paul can’t come in person, Timothy has all he needs to carry on the work the Holy Spirit started in Ephesus. And this work is important.

Moses received instructions from God concerning worship, sacrifices, offerings, and all matters concerning the temple. Leadership depended on lineage. God is orderly and He expected order from His people. Read more »

1 Corinthians 12:12-31 His Body Parts

Glad to be a member in His body

Paul is continuing to addresses the Corinthian church’s superiority attitude. He started this answer in our last reading by focusing on the fact that ALL of us were brought into Christ by the same Spirit, and that ALL of the gifts given to the church were given by the same Spirit. Today he puts this concept into physical terms; the body of Christ.

The church was divided over which gifts and which offices were most important. They were looking for a pyramid structure with one group being on the top. Of course everyone thought their gifting or office should occupy that top placement. In this model those on the upper levels stand on the shoulders of those under them. Resources pass up to strengthen the top but nothing flows back down to shore up the base. Read more »

Romans 12:3-8 One Working Unit

(Psalty the singing songbook and family sing The Body Song)

Paul shares the basics of being one body in Christ. He will go into this concept several times in his letters but we see it first here. We are many members but one body.

The first part of being of one body is recognizing the importance of ALL the parts. And the first step in doing that is recognizing that you need the rest of the “body” as much as they need you. I believe this is key to thinking “with sober judgment” about yourself. The one who thinks of themselves as better than everyone else devalues others in order to value themselves higher. Read more »