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Luke 22:66-71 In The Council Chambers

The truth doesn’t change just because you won’t listen.

I love reading all four gospels and finding places where one gives a little more detail than the others. Today we come upon one of those places. Luke takes us to the council chambers of the Sanhedrin. This is after Jesus was taken to Caiaphas’ home where He was confronted by Anais and later Caiaphas and a select group of the Sanhedrin. Now He is before the full council so they can rubber stamp the proceedings from a few hours ago.

We looked at Matthew and Mark’s accounting of Jesus at Caiaphas’ home in earlier blogs. When we looked at Matthew’s account we did so in first person for Jesus first trial. In Mark’s account we looked at all the legal issues with Jesus’ trial as Jesus was before the council. We are going to look at Luke’s extra titbit today for our discussion. Read more »